We are 360° die makers

High-precision progressive dies: from design to prototyping


Passion and expertise combine with experience and flexibility.

Thanks to our know-how, we are able to meet the expectations of any industrial sector, guaranteeing quality in each process: from design to manufacture, testing and prototyping of the die.


Thanks to our daily commitment to R&D, we always offer the market new technologies and innovative products to provide customers with added value and a competitive edge.

We are a young and dynamic company, and we propose ourselves as a leading supplier for the progressive die business.

It’s not just about doing well; it’s about always doing better.

Dear Stampitalia,

It has been a few years since 2008: the year the dream began to come true.

Throughout these years, which have passed quickly, we have experienced intense moments. Moments filled with laughter, joy, and satisfaction.

At times, we have struggled against our fears, at other times, we have faced great pains that have tested us.

Like a true love story, you have been and still are important: you have raised many people and will continue to do so. You have contributed to our evolution without arrogance or conceit. When it was necessary, you smoothed out our sharpest corners.

You are a mysterious and challenging woman.

You are also a mother because you know how to instill confidence, and this is your true strength.

Today, looking back at our past, I see with pride how much you have grown.

You have become even better than that dream born in our minds.

Today I am honored to be a part of your life and I will never stop thanking you for introducing me to friends – almost brothers – always ready to reach out to help.

I only ask you to still believe in us.

The strength of our team makes the difference, we share deep-rooted values ​​such as fairness towards others, passion for our work, determination to achieve every goal and sacrifice to build a future from scratch. And we are your future.

I learned that a group becomes a real team when every single member is so sure of himself to be able to praise the skills of others and encourage their growth.

As Alessandro says: “WANT IS POWER” and, dear Stampitalia, WE WANT.


Competent, specialized, curious, and passionate.

Our team is made up of valuable people with experience and knowledge in the dies manufacturing sector. We act proactively and growth-wise, which is why each team member is entitled to continuous training and development opportunities.

The heritage of Stampitalia is made by its people: our history is rooted in the past and draws strength and inspiration from it to embrace the present and future.


Ignore common ideas, pursue evolution, ethics, and expertise.


Constant progress with a view to technological innovation to transfer advantages to production.


6 good reasons to choose us

2 |    TEAM

Team building mindset to overcome new challenges every day